Zeiss Service Agreement

While the service provides third-party professional engineers, this will not guarantee the full benefits of priority response times, spare parts coverage and unlimited access to Carl Zeiss service and support teams. With multi-level service agreements, we can work with you to find a service package that effectively covers your instruments and matches your budget. Please contact us at mi cro @zeiss .com for more information. True to its name, this package covers all the services necessary to benefit from maximum time and comfort system, including the recovery of spare parts. Only applies to certain instruments. Send us an email at mid-cro @zeiss .com for more details on the instruments available. A well-maintained microscope probably won`t fail if you need it most. By planning regular maintenance sessions, you can plan ahead and avoid the costly costs associated with unexpected downtime. This way, you can use your microscope more efficiently and extend the life of your system. If a regular service contract is not for you, you can still count on our preventative on-demand maintenance and repair services. So if you have problems, our fully equipped service team can analyze and solve the problem in question, either on-site or with the Carl Zeiss Remote Service software.

Keep downtime to a minimum. Talk to your contact at Carl Zeiss today about ZEISS maintenance. STANDARD service package is a preventative maintenance at a fixed price. It is carried out according to the rules of the production plant once or twice a year, depending on the specific nature and intensity of the operation of the device. Carl Zeiss Remote Diagnostic Service allows ZEISS service technicians to inspect your microscope in real time, guide you through its software and get you back to work faster – all without visiting on site. While we examine your microscope remotely, we will also look for anomalies and propose appropriate measures to use your devices optimally. Each remote diagnostic session is password protected and recorded, and you can complete it at any time – and you can control it completely every step of the way. Learn more about remote diagnosis. Talk to your contact at Carl Zeiss today. DAS GARANTIE-Service pack is a complete extension of the factory warranty period for devices commissioned for up to three years. Includes device diagnosis, software update, complete technical maintenance, supply and exchange of consumer goods and spare parts. Zeiss Russia – CIS`s service support is a way to use devices efficiently throughout the lifecycle.

To do this, we establish an individual work plan for each customer and offer the following services: DAS LIGHT-Service pack is a framework agreement for service maintenance for quick resolution of problems. Provides the point solution for all problems related to the operation of the device. No prepayment is required. If you opt for ZEISS microscopes, we`ll help you get consistently brilliant results. As we want you to be completely satisfied with your microscope system, Carl Zeiss offers you an exceptional assistance and advice service. From maintenance and repair to spare parts and more, we`re here to help you long after your microscope is installed. So if you want to know more or ask questions, just pick up the phone. We`ll be there if you need us. We offer contractual services: advice, preventive maintenance, long-term maintenance and resolution of applied tasks in terms of scientific research and production. To meet the basic service needs of ZEISS Essential Line. General Service package is a unique achievement of all installation, technical assistance, modernization and repair work of the devices.