Voluntary Agreement Uefa

On 15 December 2017, UEFA`s website reported that the Club Financial Control Body`s board of inquiry had decided not to enter into a voluntary agreement with AC Milan as part of the application of the FINANCIAL Play Fair Regulations (UEFA). L`arrivo di Dan Friedkin pué aprire alla Roma the porte del voluntary agreement con l`Uefa in chiave Fair Play Finanziario. Mentre la trattativa per la cessione del club da James Pallotta all`imprenditore texano prosegue seguendo i tempi tecnici, nella societé giallorossa si sta gié studiando il futuro prossimo, soprattutto in termini di FPF. The investigative chamber of the independent club UEFA Financial Control Body has refused to pursue a voluntary settlement agreement with AC Milan. A transaction agreement is a step before the sentences handed down unilaterally by the investigating chamber. Through a transaction agreement, both parties agree in writing offences or offences and penalties. What is a voluntary agreement and what role does it play in the financial fair play regime in football? Under Schedule XII of the UEFA regulation recently introduced in 2015, it is considered an alternative option in certain circumstances: “An association may ask the UEFA club`s investigative chamber for a voluntary agreement to meet the `break`s` requirement. After careful consideration of all documents and explanations presented, the board decided not to enter into a voluntary agreement with AC Milan. In addition, according to information published on the UEFA website: after reviewing the application of the Italian club to a voluntary agreement in accordance with UEFA rules and after careful consideration of the documents and explanations that the Chamber takes into account “that to date there are still uncertainties regarding the refinancing of the loans will be repaid in October 2018 and financial guarantees provided by the main shareholders. AC Milan will continue to be the subject of the ongoing monitoring process and the situation will be reassessed in the first months of 2018. AC Milan left the 2019/20 Europa League after voluntarily agreeing with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The agreement with UEFA includes violations of financial fair play committed by Milan for two three-year periods from 2014-17 and 2015-18. As a result of these violations, Milan have accepted a penalty to exclude them from the Europa League this season.

The voluntary agreement mechanism was added to the FFP in 2015. It has offered teams, particularly in situations where a team has undergone a change of ownership and inherited systemic losses, the opportunity to agree with UEFA on a procedure that calculates a trajectory at least towards a rupture target. The voluntary agreement provisions provide that teams may be submitted each year before December 31 pending a future violation of the FFP. The applicant must demonstrate that the funding is secured and guaranteed over the period of the expected agreement. The voluntary agreement stipulates that Milan will miss the Europa League 2019-20 With the voluntary route blocked, it seems that Milan is now close to reaching an agreement with UEFA next year. The CFCB Investigatory Chamber has decided not to enter into a voluntary agreement with AC Milan. Let`s now get to the transaction agreement.