37 gigs in JULY 2015…CRAZY

Summer is always crazy but 2015 is shaping up quite nicely
TIME…who needs TIME?

My Agenda for JULY 2015:

Thursday 2/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Friday 3/7 Goodlife Beach (Stekene Belgium) + Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Saturday 4/7 Tomorroiland Festival (Sint-Agatha-Rode Belgium) + Beat Down Festival (Asse Belgium) + Inside Club (Knokke Belgium)
Sunday 5/7 Summerfestival (Antwerp Belgium)
Tuesday 7/7 Bar Mardi (Brussels Belgium)
Thursday 9/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium) + Yssis (Knokke Belgium)
Friday 10/7 Baouzza (Diepenbeek Belgium)
Saturday 11/7 Extrema Festival (Best Holland) + Joe Piler Saloon, Les Ardentes (Liege Belgium) + Ostend Beach Ostend Cafeina Stage (Ostend Belgium) + Afterparty Krush Club (Ostend Belgium)
Sunday 12/7 Les Ardentes (Liege Belgium) + Sound Gathering (Charleroi Belgium)
Monday 13/7 till 16/7 on Tour in Croatia (Playing Noa Beach Club + a Boat Party)
Thursday 16/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Friday 17/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Saturday 18/7 Il Capriani Lakeside (Walem Belgium)
Sunday 19/7 Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)
Monday 20/7 Seraing Les Bains (Seraing Belgium) + Fete D Anvers at Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Tuesday 21/7 Sud Radio Event (Mons Belgium)
Thursday 23/7 The Day Before Tomorrow (Brasschaat Belgium) + Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium) + La Mezza (Braine L’Alleud Belgium)
Friday 24/7 Tomorrowland Cafeina Stage (Boom Belgium) + Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)
Saturday 25/7 Pool Festival Baouzza (Diepenbeek – Belgium) + Plein Air De Bruly (Bruly Belgium) + Tongpop (Tongeren Belgium)
Sunday 26/7 Tomorrowland Versuz Stage (Boom Belgium) + Holy Spirit Festival (Welkenraedt Belgium)
Thursday 30/7 Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)
Friday 31/07 Extrema Solar (Roermond Holland) + Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)

And August is shaping up quite nicely too!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks to all of you for the support!!

For a full overview on my touring schedule check


New Dave Lambert tracks released!!

DAVE LAMBERT releases a new track with TERRI B – Heartbreak:
I’m happy to introduce my new track with TERRI B on vocals!
It has been released on TOM NOVYs Nouveau Niveau records!
It comes in 2 packages

DAVE LAMBERT and TERRI B – Heartbreak (Original mixes)

DAVE LAMBERT and TERRI B – Heartbreak (The Remixes)

Also releasing my latest release with Patrick Chappell on KING STREET USA early 2015!
Check out a sneak preview here of the original and my remix


Loads more tracks coming up in 2015 as I’m heavily working on new tracks in the studio at the moment!

DAVE LAMBERT is ready for another mythical year in 2014

DAVE LAMBERT is ready for another mythical year:
As we are just entering 2014, Dave Lambert hasn’t been sitting still and feels it’s about time to send out a new newsletter! Highlights in this newsletter include new releases, Miami Massive, new agency for The Netherlands and so much more
Hope you are having a great time and definitely would like to see you at one of my next gigs!
Here are the highlights I would like to share with the world ;)

Dave Lambert ft Emcee Shurakano – My House Is Your House released on Housesession records
Dave Lambert recently released ‘My House Is Your House’ on the German based Housesession label with Emcee Shurakano on Vocals and it seems to be establishing it’s spot very nicely amongst some big shot DJ’s playlist! The track is already supported by Tom Novy, Thomas Gold, Roog/Hardsoul, Erick Morillo, and many more
Check out the release here:

Dave Lambert organizes MIAMI MASSIVE at Nikki Beach Miami on 25th of March 2014
WMC is coming closer and same as last year Dave Lambert is organizing one of WMC’s biggest events! Actually you can say that Miami Massive is the kick off to your WMC madness week!
It takes place on the Tuesday 25th of March at the world renowned beach club called Nikki Beach Miami!
The line up is nothing more than MASSIVE with sets from Tocadisco, Yves V, Tom Novy, David Tort, Arno Cost, MYNC, Dj’s From Mars, The Cube Guys, David Penn, Gregor Salto, and so many more!
For a full overview on this event check:
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If you would like to join us, we are having an Early Bird sale at the moment so grab those tickets NOW

2014 Festival Season already well packed with bookings:

Seems to become another summer where I’ll be spending most of my time in the car and even will be eating in the car ;)
Remember this picture from last year ;)

Enough with the funny things back to seriousness ;)
This summer the following festivals have been confirmed for Dave Lambert
Tomorrowland, Summerfestival, Daydream, 7th Sunday, Extrema Belgium, Ostend Beach, Dance-d-Vision, Groovegarden, Summer House Music Festival Poland and so many more!
Also check out my latest aftermovie
11 gigs in 3 days during the Tomorrowland 2013 weekend:

Or how we stay awake in the car during the long boring drives in between bookings ;):

Facebook fan page to hit 16000 likes = time for a new Bootleg Package:
The first bootleg package available through my Facebook fanpage (http://www.djdavelambert.com/facebook)
is still available, but as we are hitting 16000 likes it’s time for a new one. As soon as I hit 16000 I’ll be releasing a new bootleg package packed with my mashups that have been working very well for me over the past months! So time to grab this one ASAP and hit my LIKE button ;)

Also in the studio things are heating up with several new productions to be released over the next months! On vocal duties are Terri B on a pure deep house track to be released on a big label (more info soon)! Also my track with Juan Pacifico is coming along nicely. Vocals have been done by Chappell and this one is expected to be released around WMC! Keep a close eye on my soundcloud page!

Also check out this page if you want to download my weekly FREE DOWNLOADABLE podcast!

International gigs
Also internationally Dave is sky rocketing with gigs in Poland, USA, Ibiza, Brazil and much more coming up
Recently he was guest at one of Poland’s nicest clubs. On Friday 17-1-14 he played at Leszno Poland at Xdemon with Tom Novy and on Saturday 18-1-14 he played at ONYX club in Katowice
Watch the aftermovie here:

From 12 April – 19t April Dave will be playing in the French Alps during the Belgian Snowboard Championships! Snow Jam here we come!

New DJ agency for The Netherlands
Dave recently joined Thunder Agency who will take care of his bookings in The Netherlands!
For more info on Thunder Agency check
If you would like to book Dave Lambert you can send a mail with your request to Booking@djdavelambert.com

That’s it for now but more news coming up shortly!

DAVE LAMBERT festival aftermovies (Tomorrowworld, Tomorrowland) + free bootleg pack and new releases!

It’s already November…WTF ;)

Time flies by when you’re having fun, someone once said…well he wasn’t wrong hahahaahaha

It has been one hectic summer with highlights such as the Tomorrowland weekend where I did a staggering 11 sets in 4 days, which must be a personal record. Even though the power came down 35minutes into my Saturday gig at Tomorrowland’s Samsung stage (because they forgot to put diesel in the generator…fail ;))

See video here:

Although the atmosphere was more than epic just minutes before (Dave Lambert organizes a small sit down)

See video here:

Other highlights include my tour in Brazil and gigs in Spain, Poland, Egypt, USA and numerous other destinations! Also my summer beach residency at Bocadero was more than nice…with a fantastic Belgian summer we sometimes had a staggering 4000 people! Also big shout out to Antwerp’s finest club The Villa where I played several sets this summer and I must say…The open air patio is AWESOME!

La Rocca 25 years…what a ride it has been for this super club in Lier! Happy to have my monthly residency here during the So!House concept on Saturdays and I feel hyped about the program they still have coming up! http://www.sohouse.be

Also I LOVE MY CITY hasn’t been sitting still and has been moving places during the summer but are now ready to go back to our familiar and totally refurbished residency club MIRANO Brussels! I LOVE MY CITY is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in May 2014!

My festival season was well packed with gigs at Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, Laundry Day, Summerfestival, Ostend Beach, Dance-D-Vision and many more ;-)

Tomorrowworld in Atlanta USA was quite the experience! Bringing over the mythical vibe of Tomorrowland to the USA is more than amazing! I was blessed to close the Belgian Stage on Saturday 28-9-13 and also played an all nighter at the Official ‘Unofficial invite only’ afterparty which was nothing less than a genuine Project X at somebody’s private mansion ;) So this way I can say sorry for wrecking your house with about 400 invited people by the Tomorrowland/World crew only

Watch the aftermovie here:

Next up on the international schedule was Egypt on the 17th of October where I Played in El Gouna at Duport Club and my next tour is being scheduled for Brazil end of November.

Also check out a nice overview of festivals I played at in Miami, Brazil, Tomorrowland and many more

For a full overview of my DJ schedule check it out here:


Also production wise we are moving along nicely with 3 new records finished. On vocals we have a record with Terri B one with Patrick Chappell and one with Emcee Shurakano! I’m now on the hunt for a fine label to release these bangers ;)

Check out a preview on my soundcloud page


Next to that I also made a nice mash ups and bootleg pack for you to download for free!

Check them out here

That’s it on the update for now but don’t forget to check my weekly radio show and check my website and facebook for regular updates


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All the best and have a great christmas & NY eve!!

DAVE LAMBERT excited about gigs in Brazil, Poland, Miami, Latvia, Spain and most of the Benelux Festivals this summer!

Dave Lambert has just returned from Miami USA where he played 3 very successful events being Miami Massive at Nikki Beach Miami on the 19th of March and the Island Sessions Yacht party + after party on the 20th of March on the cruise ship The South Beach Lady.
He also just played his very first Belgian festival of 2013 being DAYDREAM
Dave Lambert Daydream Festival 2013

Dave Lambert Daydream Festival 2013

 wherewhere he played next to Franky Rizardo, Tocadisco, Gregor Salto, Funkerman and many more big shots.
After experiencing the fantastic atmosphere at DAYDREAM he’s dying to dive into the real festival summer of 2013 with confirmed festivals such as Tomorrowland, Summerfestival, 7th Sunday, Groove Garden, Laundry Day, Ostend Beach, Werchter (Jupiler stage), Les Ardentes (Jupiler stage) and many more.
First up there is a tour in Brazil from 25 april till 3rd of May with gigs in Salvador at Ego club on the 30th of April and the highlight of the tour being Sirena club in Sao Sebastiao on the 27th of April.
One month after Brazil Dave is leaving on a tour for Poland with 3 gigs including Planeta Summer Explosion a festival in Katowice on thursday 30th of May and ONYX club on saturday the 1st of June. On friday the 31th of May he will be playing a gig for Radio Planeta Poland too!!
2 weeks later he’s off to Latvia to play in Kissclub in Ventspils on friday the 14th of June! Also the summer seems to become extremely busy with international gigs in Spain, playing at St. Trop in Lloret de Mar and negociations are done for several gigs in Ibiza over the summer too!
Next to all the international dates, Dave is also playing a massive amount of gigs in Belgium and Holland including his residency for So House at La Rocca on the 18th of May with Roger Sanchez, Wout & Roma. Also his residency at I LOVE MY CITY in Mirano Brussels and not to forget his monthly gig for Krush Club in Ostend!
For a full update on Dave Lambert’s schedule check http://www.djdavelambert.com/site/gigs/
On a production level Dave has been extremely busy producing tracks!
He’s now finishing the mastering from all remixes for his track with Terri B and will be on the hunt for a label as soon as that’s finished. Dave is  really excited about the Frederick Stone deep house remix and can’t wait for the finished mastered version! Check out the other mixes here https://soundcloud.com/djdavelambert/sets/dave-lambert-ft-terri-b
Next up he did a great POP house track with Juan Pacifico and Patrick Chappell on vocals! You can check a snippit here https://soundcloud.com/djdavelambert/dave-lambert-juan-pacifico
Also he did a banging festival track for the summer festival season with Emcee Shurakano on vocal duties. Check out a snippit here https://soundcloud.com/djdavelambert/dave-lambert-ft-shurakano-my
Dave has a few dates left for 2013 send in your booking requests now!
Let’s PARTY hard!!!

NEW RECORD: Dave Lambert ft. Terri B – Heartbreaker

New track coming up by Dave Lambert
Already road tested and approved. Now tweaking and looking for the right label!
<iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/playlists/3528983&amp;color=ff6600&amp;auto_play=false&amp;show_artwork=true”></iframe>
Also in the studio with the likes of Juan Pacifico, Rene Amesz, Elektrokid, Moonflower, Magicut and many more! Expect 2013 to become a very productive year!

OVERVIEW gigs 2012 + NEW YEARS eve 2012 – 2013

2012 is coming to an end. Yet again Dave has had an incredible year with great highlights such as playing 5 times At Tomorrowland 2012 (Mainstage + 3 other area’s and warming up the camping site) Besides that Dave also played Laundry Day, Summerfestival, Daydream, 7th Sunday, Dance Valley and almost every other Belgian Festival. Also Dave’s overseas bookings went pretty great with gigs in Israel, Poland, USA, Spain, Ibiza, and so much more countries. Not to forget my monthly residency for ‘I LOVE MY CITY’ in Mirano Brussels and my new weekly residency at THE VILLA Antwerp on Thursdays.
Also for this New Years eve Dave’s schedule, with 4 confirmed bookings seems to be filling up nicely. Send in your requests for 2013 NOW!

Dave Lambert on tour in BRAZIL December 2012

Really looking forward to this one. First time ever in Brazil and only heard great things. Also playing ‘heaven on Earth’ at Fernando de Noronha (see picture)
28/12 Recife, Brazil with Fatboy Slim, Yves La Rock & Mark Ursa
29/12 Fernando de Noronha, Brazil with Mark Ursa, Yves La Rock & Chris Willis
Fernando de NoronhaFernando

Dave Lambert 5x on Tomorrowland!

Normally it’s a Dj’s dream to play on Tomorrowland but Dave Lambert managed to play 5 times…
He started early by playing on the opening party of the Lipton Ice Tea Stage after that he opened the mainstage on friday as the first deejay of the Tomorrowland 2012 edition…
He also delivered his love for music at the Pearl stage, the Samsung Galaxy Secret forest and last but not least at the Cafeina stage…
Want to experience what it sounded like?

Here’s a set recorded on the Pearl stage, enjoy!

Video’s Dave Lambert at Tomorrowland

Mainstage 2012: