37 gigs in JULY 2015…CRAZY

Summer is always crazy but 2015 is shaping up quite nicely
TIME…who needs TIME?

My Agenda for JULY 2015:

Thursday 2/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Friday 3/7 Goodlife Beach (Stekene Belgium) + Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Saturday 4/7 Tomorroiland Festival (Sint-Agatha-Rode Belgium) + Beat Down Festival (Asse Belgium) + Inside Club (Knokke Belgium)
Sunday 5/7 Summerfestival (Antwerp Belgium)
Tuesday 7/7 Bar Mardi (Brussels Belgium)
Thursday 9/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium) + Yssis (Knokke Belgium)
Friday 10/7 Baouzza (Diepenbeek Belgium)
Saturday 11/7 Extrema Festival (Best Holland) + Joe Piler Saloon, Les Ardentes (Liege Belgium) + Ostend Beach Ostend Cafeina Stage (Ostend Belgium) + Afterparty Krush Club (Ostend Belgium)
Sunday 12/7 Les Ardentes (Liege Belgium) + Sound Gathering (Charleroi Belgium)
Monday 13/7 till 16/7 on Tour in Croatia (Playing Noa Beach Club + a Boat Party)
Thursday 16/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Friday 17/7 Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Saturday 18/7 Il Capriani Lakeside (Walem Belgium)
Sunday 19/7 Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)
Monday 20/7 Seraing Les Bains (Seraing Belgium) + Fete D Anvers at Bocadero Waagnatie (Antwerp Belgium)
Tuesday 21/7 Sud Radio Event (Mons Belgium)
Thursday 23/7 The Day Before Tomorrow (Brasschaat Belgium) + Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium) + La Mezza (Braine L’Alleud Belgium)
Friday 24/7 Tomorrowland Cafeina Stage (Boom Belgium) + Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)
Saturday 25/7 Pool Festival Baouzza (Diepenbeek – Belgium) + Plein Air De Bruly (Bruly Belgium) + Tongpop (Tongeren Belgium)
Sunday 26/7 Tomorrowland Versuz Stage (Boom Belgium) + Holy Spirit Festival (Welkenraedt Belgium)
Thursday 30/7 Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)
Friday 31/07 Extrema Solar (Roermond Holland) + Bocadero Waagnatie Belgium (Antwerp Belgium)

And August is shaping up quite nicely too!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks to all of you for the support!!

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